Her Name Is… A podcast about creative women you should know.

Her Name Is… is a podcast about independent women creating content in Toronto and surrounding areas. Each episode features a guest that is single-handedly influencing the entrepreneurial and creative spirits of other women in the city. This podcast is for anyone looking to be inspired by incredibly talented and smart women, creating content in any medium.


Emily and Jenny met over ten years ago in a high school english class. They were both a bit cheeky, so naturally they got along right away. Although they lost touch for a few years during university, they connected again later on and started working on creative projects right away. Ever since then they’ve fostered one another’s passions for branching out into the independent, entrepreneurial world of content creation.

Her Name Is… started as a flicker of an idea in the summer of 2015. After being totally inspired by other female-centric podcasts, Emily approached Jenny with the plan to create a podcast that focused on independent women content creators in Toronto and surrounding areas. When they brought the idea to their networks, the response was huge. Women wanted to hear more about the talent and entrepreneurs in Toronto, and were excited to be part of the show.

Soon after Emily and Jenny started recording interviews, which blossomed into a monthly newsletter with behind the scenes footage and resources for other independent women content creators.

The podcast is growing by the day, and will continue to feature the most inspiring guests in Toronto, to showcase great existing and emerging independent talents.


headshot2015Emily is an event manager by day, podcaster by night. Her passion for advancing the talents of other women is a huge driver of the podcast’s production. This passion drives a number of other projects that she works on, including a monthly women’s podcasting networking group, and a women in tech peer to peer networking group.

Emily is also a film producer, composer, singer and dog lover. She loves collaborating on projects with great stories.



jen2Jenny is a writer and a copyeditor who’s dabbled in newspaper design, social media and digital marketing.

When she’s not working on the podcast, she’s learning how to code, trying out new recipes, hanging out with her two cats, and training for a half marathon.

Always curious and full of questions, Jenny believes that everyone has a great story to tell.