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Episode 9: Her Name is The MUFF Society

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The MUFF Society is a group of really rad women who hold screenings of what they call ‘feminist movies’, which feature and include talented women onscreen and offscreen (directors, editors, producers, cinematographers, writers, production designers, and so on). The last few movies they’ve screened? Legally Blonde! 9 to 5! Now and Then! At the screening of 9 to 5, which […]

Her Name Is podcast

See you in the fall!

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Since starting Her Name Is, we’ve interviewed so many talented women, met some amazing people, and even inspired a handful listeners ourselves (which is the original intent of this podcast!). And since starting Her Name Is, we’ve also learned a lot about ourselves. One of the reasons we get on so well is because we’re both experiencing this exciting, yet very […]

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Here we are after almost a year and seven episodes later. We’ve learned many, many lessons from producing the podcast, ourselves, and most importantly, our guests. And this is the one main thing that has stuck with us: Be inspired and be inspiring. We decided to take a mini break before releasing out next episode because […]

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Episode 6: Her Name is Tiana Feng

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Tiana Feng’s life is surrounded by music. She’s the owner, editor and photographer for Canadian music website Ride the Tempo. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Music in Performance. She works in the marketing and communications department for SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada). And finally, […]

Passion Projects for Cool people

Passion Projects

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It’s like… existing. Simply, existing. I thought I could describe what passion projects feel like to me, but I cannot think of any other way to describe working on a passion project than existing. Her Name Is is definitely a passion project. I think we collectively put in something like 20 hours a week on […]